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Bostan Engineering has been established in the year 2006. Since then we are identified as the most competant di-electric union supplier in india.

Di-electric union are regularly utilized as a part of residential, commercial,and mechanical applications. Particular applications incorporate the associations of piping of different metals on hot water storage tanks, water and air conditioners.

At the point when a Di-electric union is set in an electric field, electric charges don't move through the material as they do in an electrical conductor, however only slightly shift from their average equilibrium positions causing di-electric union polarization. 

Because of dielectric polarization, positive charges are displaced toward the field and negative charges move the other way. This makes an inward electric field that decreases the general field inside the dielectric itself.

These di-electric union are used to prevent electrolytic deterioration & insulate against corrosion. It also helps to break the flow of current. These di-electric unions are available in various sizes. Our clients can get this di-electric union as per their requirement.

Usually, near a water heater where copper and steel pipes are connected an electrolytic reaction begins. Where copper and steel are cojoined, corrosion takes place. To stop or avoid such corrosion, di-electric union is used.

As we are largest di-electric union supplier in india, we have maintained various departments in order to work smoothly. At our quality control division, our group of value specialists entirely inspects the completed products on set quality parameters. Further, we have adopted the most progressive technique and cutting edge technology to manufacture impeccable range of offered products. 

Our advanced and hi-tech infrastructural facility enables us to provide di-electric union within a limited time frame. Our professionals also make sure that before delivering these products are carefully examined by our quality inspectors so that no error or discrepancy occurs at the clients end. Products offered by us are designed with high precision in order to meet the international quality standards.

With the firm and sole intention of attaining maximum client satisfaction, we have attained to our hierarchical objective of offering subjective items to customers in an effective way. For the safe conveyance of products, we are bestowed with well-developed packaging unit. 

In addition, our reasonable and straightforward business dealings have helped us win the confidence and faith of our customers. Thus, we have made solid business relations with them. Our Clients can benefit our offered products range at moderate costs.

Thus, due to our expertise and hardwork we are regarded as top most di-electric union supplier in india.
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